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Move, run and work -- message from Chairman Wang Liping to middle and senior managers
Release time:2022-07-04 Browse times:757

At the recent meeting of middle and high-level cadres, chairman Wang Liping made a speech in combination with the current situation faced by the enterprise, and put forward work requirements and hopes for the middle and high-level cadres of the group company.

Chairman Wang pointed out that Guangbo Group has gone through an extraordinary 30 years. Next, we must walk a road to a bright future. At present, science and technology is the first priority to promote the development of enterprises. Without science and technology, there can be no sustainable development. Management cadres at all levels should work together from multiple dimensions such as talent, culture, production and management, and take the road of scientific and technological revitalization closely around the company's development goals.Middle and high-level management cadres should never lie flat. They should always have a sense of enterprise, initiative and enthusiasm. The cadres should take the lead to convey Guangbo culture to the employees and talk about the future of the company. In particular, middle - and senior cadres should take the lead in demonstrating, stick to their determination, surpass themselves, and surpass their peers.

Chairman Wang stressed that if Guangbo wants to become a future science and technology enterprise, it must do its existing work step by step to create a better future. Therefore, I hope that all management cadres will keep up with the pace, move, run, and work together with all employees to work hard!


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